The Empowered Woman - 10 month mastermind

Emotional and energetic support for changer makers - helping you to achieve sustainable success, consistent income and have an amazing life - Starts Sept 2017!

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Leaving my corporate job and committing to my healing business was the best decision I ever made – it was also the biggest risk I ever took! I knew without doubt that I was meant for more than the daily grind of working for someone else, I was fed up with being overworked, undervalued and having to answer to people I didn’t respect and who certainly didn’t have my best interests at heart!

I needed to be free, to do what I truly believed in and I still do!

I didn’t have a bridge job as many people do when they set up their own business, I simply gave notice and left – I was all in and there was no safety net. Crazy maybe, but I needed the ‘all in’ approach!

At times it was excruciatingly hard, I was trying to grow a business, learn new skills and raise 2 young kids all at the same time, plus I had to deal with my mind trying to convince me that I had made a mistake. Thoughts such as you’ll never figure this out, you’ll have to go and get a ‘real’ job again, you’re failing your family by always working, people won’t pay the money you know you deserve etc etc. It was quite the emotional roller coaster and I often felt alone and terrified.

I craved the company of like minded people who really got me and the challenges I was facing and over the last 4 years I have been lucky enough to be part of 3 fantastic masterminds. These people heard me when I was struggling, they helped me to see where I was blocking success, they shared ideas about how I could grow my business and they never ever judged! Even though some of these people are no longer in my life, I will be forever grateful for the support they gave when I needed it most.

Now I want to offer you that same safe space so that you can grow your business and have sustainable success… if you’re anything like me, you appreciate the success you have already achieved, but you’re already looking for how you can reach the next level. Personally it’s about so much more than the money, its about fulfilling my potential and sharing my gifts and message with the world.

I know I have a mission to complete and part of that is ensuring that the 'Change Makers' of the world do not turn their back on their own gifts and talents. The world has been waiting for long enough and we have work to do!

We will have 10 months together, where I will support you emotionally and energetically every single week – be warned, this is an intensive experience and is NOT for everyone. The transformations will be powerful and deep.

This is for you if:

• You have gifts, skills and talents that you are not sharing with the world

• You know you have a mission and you also know that you are not fully embracing it

• You need accountability

• You crave connection with like minded women and know that there is power in women coming together to heal and fulfill their potential

• You know that mindset is holding you back at times and you’re ready to ditch those limiting beliefs and stories

• You’re open to energy healing and little bit of woo

• You want consistent income and sustainable growth

This is NOT for you if:

• You are not spiritually inclined or open to a bit of woo

• If you don’t like EFT!

• If you are not open to change and being challenged

• You are not ready to take action – nothing will change until you take action, so if you think that having energy healing and attending the calls is enough, then this is NOT for you! The responsibility for change lies in you deciding that you want more and are ready to take action. This is not a quick fix, this is about you taking responsibility for your own life.

• You’re not willing to be open and honest with me, or the other ladies

So what does this look like:

• 10-15 women – I’m all about intimacy and really getting to know people!

• 10 months that starts SEPTEMBER 2017 (Let me know if you are interested – it will be by application only)

• Weekly EFT call via zoom, to work through your blocks and set the week up as we mean to go on. The second part of the call will be meditation and energy healing to ensure we release any energetic blocks and increase your creativity, inspiration and intuition – it’s all about connecting more deeply to your feminine energy!

• Weekly check in to ensure you are plugging all of your energy leaks – nothing worse than being out of alignment or being energetically drained

• Private Facebook group to encourage and support one another and become accountable – every Friday we will have a check in about action taken. If you commit to action, I will hold that intention for you and chase you on it!

PLUS - 3 x 2.5 hour online intensive workshop sessions. We will be digging deep and releasing what no longer serves you. This about removing the blocks to taking action and really showing up in the world.

• Investment – 10 payments of $222. Early Bird ($199 - until 31st August ONLY!)

Any questions, then make sure you reach out!

Your Instructor

Marie Houlden
Marie Houlden

I work with amazing women like you, who know they’re destined for more and are ready to confront the belief that they have no choice but to settle for the life they are living . The only problem is they feel overwhelmed and are running out of energy – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You’re sick of that cruel voice in your head, which fills you with self-doubt and makes you lose faith in yourself and your decisions. You wonder if you are special enough, deserving enough or can even create the life you deeply crave.

Releasing your limiting beliefs and facing your fears head on, will help you to silence your inner-critic once and for all. You will finally move on with a strong belief in yourself and your capabilities and with an inner knowing that you can have everything you ever wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the next group start?
The next group begins in September 2017 and we run until the beginning of July. This will be your safe container for 10 months.
What support is there?
You will have a weekly call with your fellow change makers, a private Facebook Group and of course support from me!
What if I change my mind?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you believe that you have made a mistake and that this program is not for you, I will happily refund your money within the first 7 days.

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